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Every woman wants to be loved, however, at what cost? A successful career, the looks, the status—everything but a man of her own, Tiffany had it all. Then life changed. Tiffany became the other woman. The other woman is the woman who married women fear about in their dreams, wondering if their husbands are having extramarital affairs. The other woman is the woman who desires the wifely benefits at the cost of her integrity and soul.

Eventually, playing in the devil’s den caused heartache to more than Tiffany. It has affected those attached to her reckless behavior. Using emptiness to gain strength and FAITH to tap into her power, Tiffany turned her life around, becoming a POWERHOUSE and a force to be reckoned with!


From sex addiction to trusting God, Tiffany now shares her story with the world. She had to find forgiveness within herself for herself on her journey to healing and becoming a warrior for God. This is a must-read TWISTER that will leave you turning page after page, not wanting to put it down!

“Confessions from the Other Woman” is for all the other Tiffanies who are seeking to change their story, and who desire the blueprint, love, and understanding from another sister who “gets it, been there, and done that!” It is also for those women whose hearts and homes have been broken in the process. Learn about the mindset and brokenness of the other woman, as well as what to look for if you believe that you too may be a recipient of her destruction. 

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